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The Australian Survivor 2025 theme has leaked and it is absolutely epic

This is BIG

The theme for Australian Survivor 2025 has leaked and it’s going to be an absolutely massive season.

TV Black Box has reported that the upcoming instalment will be an Australia v USA season. Of course, we know what you’re thinking – does that mean we’ll be getting returning Survivor greats from both American and Australian seasons?

It sure sounds that way! The publication reported that while returnee players haven’t yet been confirmed, “one would imagine that iconic past players from the local and USA version will be brought back alongside new players and pitted against each other in this new twist on the format.”

And, the great news doesn’t end there either.

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Australia Survivor Host JLP. Ten.

There may be two seasons of Australian Survivor in 2025

It’s going to be absolutely raining Australian Survivor episodes next year if reports are to be believed.

Entertainment website Inside Survivor has said that as well as the Australia vs USA season, there will be a regular newbie season of the popular reality TV show.

“We have heard a regular-length newbie season will still be filmed this July in addition to the AU v US special,” they wrote.

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Australian Survivor. Ten.

More details on the Australia vs America Australian Survivor season

Inside Survivor said that the idea has been in talks for the last few months.

“The idea has been in development over the past couple of months and is expected to feature iconic castaways from both Australian Survivor and Survivor US. However, casting is still in its early stages, and the theme is wholly dependent on being able to lock people down,” they said.

The publication mentioned that fans can expect a shorter than regular season, which will air in January.

“Inside Survivor has also heard the season could be much shorter than the usual length of an Australian Survivor season, which tends to run anywhere between 47 and 50 days. This edition could potentially be half that, even shorter than the former 39-day standard,” they wrote.

“Filming is expected to take place in September, with the show airing in January 2025. We do not yet have details on the location.”

Australian Survivor will air on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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