FWAW's Dean

Meet Farmer Dean, FWAW’s farmer who’s ready to start making babies

Will he find his baby mama?

Farmer Dean is looking for his baby mama on Farmer Wants a Wife 2024!

The 25-year-old cattle and watermelon farmer from Queensland revealed in his audition interview that he’s hoping to start a family in the next few years.

“Would like to have 2 children, before I turn 30! Can’t wait to create a 4th Generation & teach them everything I know,” he said.

And, it’s likely that the little ones will be put to work on the farm – considering it’s one of Dean’s main priorities.

“I don’t watch movies, or TV. Never have. I don’t have the time. I’m very work-driven,” he said.

Farmer Dean. Seven.

What is Dean looking for in a woman?

Dean doesn’t consider himself “picky”, but does want someone who places importance on family.

“I’d say I’m really not too picky! As long as they’re outgoing, hardworking & driven like me! Someone, who can make me laugh & smile. Who’s keen to have a crack! Just willing to have a go! ​

“Someone I can take home to Mum & Dad. A family-loving person, who wants to live on the farm, enjoy the country life & loves animals. Must also be honest & loyal.”

Farmer Dean’s contestants. Seven.

Dean’s ladies will bring the drama

Dean’s goal on Farmer Wants a Wife are to find someone to settle down with.

“End of the day, I’m definitely here for love, it’s the one thing that’s missing in my life,” he said in the trailer.

However, one of his women may not have the same pure intentions as him.

“Tegan, who you are currently filming Farmer Wants a Wife with, has a boyfriend, she’s in love with someone at home,” Dean reads out loud from a phone in the trailer.

Another scene shows one of the contestants asking Dean if he “still wants” them “all here”.

Farmer Dean. Seven.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2024 will air on Channel 7 and 7plus after Easter. 

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