The Bachelors winners?

Have the winners of The Bachelors 2023 already leaked?

Are they on the money?

With The Bachelors 2023 in full swing, fans are wondering who will get the final rose from Ben Waddell, Wesley Senna Cortes and Luke Bateman.

For those too impatient to wait for the finale, we have some indication of who the winning ladies will be, thanks to betting odds.

All three men have one contestant as the clear leader, while one Bach has pretty good odds to leave the show alone.

While the betting odds aren’t necessarily a definite sign of who wins, they do fluctuate when more people wage money on a certain result, which means that a large number of people predict the show will end that way.

Who will win The Bachelors 2023?

If the Sportsbet betting odds are to be believed, then it looks as though Ben will choose McKenna, Luke will choose Ellie and Wes will choose Brea, which is hardly surprising.

Check out the odds below:


The Bachelors. Ten.

McKenna: $1.57.

Caitlin: $4.00.

Ellie: $5.00.


Has the Bachelors winner leaked?
The Bachelors. Ten.

Ellie: $1.54.

Aarthi: $3.00.

Leave alone: $7.00.


Brea on The Bachelors
The Bachelors. Ten.

Brea: $1.72.

Leave alone: $.2.00

How do betting odds work?

Betting odds are based on dollar value. If someone bets $1, they’d receive back the amount the contestants are listed at. For example, if a punter bets $1 on Mckenna leaving with Ben, they’d receive a $1.57 return if it happened. This corresponds with the amount deposited, so $10 would turn into $15.70, $100 would turn into $157, and so on.

Has the Bachelors winner leaked?

Have betting odds correctly picked the winner before?

Yes! The winner of Brooke Blurton’s season of The Bachelorette in 2021 was pegged to be David Garayeli on the betting site.

Although Blurton tried to throw speculators off the scent during interviews by dismissing the theory, Garayeli did end up winning the season.

More recently, Brent Draper had the highest odds to win MasterChef 2023, and Gian and Steph the highest to win The Block 2023, and both were correct.

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