Kristy and Leah on The Block 2023

Apparently, The Block 2023’s Leah and Kristy are teaming up for their next big career move

Wait! They're friends again?!

If you’d thought you’d seen the last of The Block 2023’s Leah and Kristy then you’re in for a shock.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that the two reigning The Block villains are apparently joining forces and looking to start a podcast together.

An Australian talent manager has confirmed to the publication that two major podcast production companies are interested in signing the women.

”With the success of reality TV contestants launching their own podcasts, it is only a matter of time before these two get snapped up,” they said.

The Block. Nine.

What could the podcast be about?

Leah and Kristy were thick as thieves at the beginning of season 19 of The Block, however, their friendship fell apart when Leah confronted her friend about her ‘bullying’ treatment of the other contestants.

In the final episode of The Block 2023, the former friends were still enemies. The women seemed to be on slightly better terms at the auction day, which was filmed months after the final episode, but there wasn’t a firm resolution.

“I think a lot of people want to know what has happened to the two since the show ended,” the source said.

The Block. Nine.

“The story is quite relatable. We have all fallen out with a friend. Female friendships are powerful and when something goes down to derail a bond similar to Leah and Kristy’s, especially on television it becomes a compelling story.

“Getting raw unfiltered details without facing the producers’ edit is something that we are seeing more and more these days with independent podcasts, social media etc. If the girls can find the right organisation to partner with this would draw a lot of eyeballs and they should monetize the interest in their story.”

Has Leah and Ash’s house sold yet?

Nope! Leah and Ash’s house was the only one that was passed over at auction and, at the time of writing, it still hasn’t sold.

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