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10 golden rules the Blockheads must follow on The Block 2023

1. Drama must be at an all-time high...

The Block 2023 is in full swing and while drama is truly front and centre of the season, there are some golden rules the Blockheads have to follow.

During the August 13 episode, Steph and Gian were accused of cheating by their arch nemesis Leah and Kristy as well as Eliza, when Steph’s dad Nick came onsite to help them.

“I didn’t see any of this but, if he hasn’t been inducted. If he’s installing a shower screen and he’s not a glazier. And if he’s not being paid, I don’t like to be dramatic but that’s cheating!” Eliza said.

But did they really cheat?

While there are building regulations, there are also some lesser-known by-laws that must be adhered to and we’ve compiled them here, all in one place!

10 golden rules of The Block

1. No help from any outside designer

Simply put, all designs including styling must come from the Blockheads themselves.

2. Contestants must do their own painting.

Much to the horror of the contestants, they must do all of their own painting.

3. All trades must be paid the award rate

Dah! They’re not working for free!

4. All trades must be inducted

According to Safe Work Australia, “Any person who is to carry out construction work must complete general construction induction training to receive a general construction induction training card,
commonly referred to as the ‘White Card’.”

In an interview with Domain, foreman Keith Schleiger revealed that safety is paramount on The Block.

“We’ve got a very good record on The Block and we want to maintain it, so we’re very militant with our safety procedures,” he told the outlet.

5. No more than 50 per cent discount on any trade goods

It may be a TV show, but the Blockheads still have a budget.

Last season’s winners, Omar and Oz, learned a tough lesson when they scored a sweet deal on a baby grand piano and ended up paying the price.

6. No working ahead

After #CheatingGate2021, host Scotty Cam revealed the full schedule ahead of time to avoid any ahem, dodgy behaviour.

Scotty Cam and the infamous whiteboard. Nine

7. No power tools after tools down

This rule is another way to keep an even playing field among the Blockheads.

8. No power tools on Sunday or public holidays and no noisy building work after hours

Nobody likes to hear a power tool on a Sunday and all public holidays must be adhered to.

As for the “no noisy building work after hours”? The same rule applies. Hampton East is a residential area.

9. Contestants must hire their own trades

This is to keep to the authenticity of the series. We’re really renovating here people!

10. Builders are not allowed to work consecutive years on The Block

According to 9Now, this rule is in place to ensure that no team has an advantage by using a builder who has done back-to-back seasons.

The Block airs on Sunday at 7:00pm and continues Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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