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Farmer Wants a Wife 2024’s Farmer Joe addresses rumours he and Sarah are engaged

Has this Farmer found his wife?

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2024‘s Farmer Joe Bobbin has addressed rumours he and Sarah Carey are engaged after she accidentally dropped a major clue.

In early June, the couple sparked speculation that Joe really did find his future wife on the hit dating show after fans spied a sparkling jewel on his bae’s finger during an Instagram Reel.

 “I spy with my little eye a pretty ring on your finger,” one follower penned.

Farmer Joe and Sarah. Seven.

While Sarah hasn’t addressed the rumours, Joe has spoken out — albeit without any juicy confirmation.

“It was only a week ago we were short odds for being broken up. We move quick around here,” he joked to Yahoo Lifestyle, remaining coy.

However, he later confirmed on June 13 that they definitely aren’t engaged (yet) when appearing on CBR Wrapped.

“Sarah and I, our relationship really is only just starting in a sense,” Joe said.

“We’re only just allowed to be together and do stuff. It was a bit difficult at the start of all that, but we’re just doing it one step at a time.”

FWAW's Joe and Sarah
Joe and Sarah. Seven.

He also added that the video Sarah posted was flipped and that she wears the ring on her right hand.

What video did Sarah post that prompted engagement rumours?

In a video on Instagram, Sarah serenaded Joe with a song on the guitar, one she says was cut from the show.

However, the song was forgotten when viewers noticed her glittering ring on that very special finger.

“Wait a minute… it looks like you have a special piece of bling on your finger, is that what I think it is? I really hope so,” one fan pointed out.

“Omg I didn’t even notice!” another replied.

A third expressed it was the “first thing [they] noticed”.

“Do you have something to tell everyone Sarah?”

While they aren’t headed for the aisle yet, here’s hoping they’re not too far off!

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