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Juan De La Cruz was on Popstars Argentina before MasterChef Australia 2024 and the pics are GOLD

We love to see it!

Juan De La Cruz‘s infectious energy is adored in the MasterChef Australia 2024 kitchen – and the Board Game Designer has some superb cooking skills to match his enthusiasm.

Born in Argentina, Juan became an Australian citizen in 2023, after nine years in the country. The 39-year-old home cook is excited to showcase his favourite Argentinian dishes for the judges.

Here’s everything we know about Juan.

Juan on MasterChef Australia.

Juan was on another reality show before MasterChef Australia

The millennials out there should remember the Australian reality TV show Popstars. Well, it turns out that cooking isn’t Juan’s only skill – he was a contestant on Popstars Argentina! Check out one of his songs below.

An article about Juan on Popstars. Instagram.
Juan on Popstars. Instagram.

Clearly interested in a career in television, Juan formerly worked on a travel television program, which was the catalyst for his move to New Zealand, and then, Australia.

In Australia, Juan used his skills from his marketing background and created his own board game called Blended.

Is Juan single?

It’s bad news for the viewers out there who’ve been enamoured by Juan’s dazzling smile, as he’s a taken man. He originally moved from Argentina to New Zealand with his girlfriend Amy.

Juan and his girlfriend Amy. Instagram.

How Juan’s personal life influenced his cooking

Juan comes from a huge family, he’s one of nine kids! He was the fifth born and has two sisters younger than him.

While he was growing up, Juan watched his mother Cristina cook for their huge family and lists it now as one of his inspirations.

“Having cooked four meals a day for 11 people for many years. She taught Juan the power of good food not only to nourish but as a salve for bad situations,” his Channel 10 bio reads.

MasterChef's Juan with his family
Juan and his siblings. Instagram.

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