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Interview: “Every single person on that island had lied to my face”: Sarah on her wild Survivor blindside

"Turns out those chats were not genuine on their behalf"

One of the messiest Survivor Australia Tribal Councils to ever take place in the history of the franchise saw firefighter Sarah Moore after her friend Rhi Bowley flipped her vote.

And, the lead-up to tribal was just as chaotic as the fire pit. In a post-elimination interview with Chattr, Sarah described just how wild the whole afternoon was.

“It was very, very stressful,” she said. “Especially because pretty much everyone was lying to me, and that’s how it had been for me the whole game, really.”

“Apart from the Viola vote, I was always on the wrong side of the vote,” she added. “So it had just gotten to a point where every single person on that island had lied to my face.”

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Sarah explained why she was speaking to both sides of the alliance

In the episode, Mark had a secret plan to get vengeance for his friend Viola, who was voted out in Monday night’s episode, and he wanted to work with the three Rebels; Alex, Sarah and Rhi to do just that. His plan involved the four of them placing their votes on Caroline and using his idol to deflect the votes from him.

Meanwhile, both of the former Titan women told Caroline and Kitty about Mark’s plan, which put a spanner in the works. Caroline and Kitty were planning to vote with the rest of the original Titans and vote off Mark, alongside Rhi and Sarah.

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However, that plan changed when Eden grew suss of Rhi and Sarah’s speeches at Tribal, and told his alliance to go for Sarah instead.

But that’s not the only chaos that went down, Rhi randomly flipped her vote to Mark, and Mark played his idol. That meant that his Idol was burned for no reason, and there were only three votes on Caroline and four votes on Sarah – leading her to a so-called “blindside”.

Looking back, Sarah said she felt betrayed that Kitty and Caroline turned against her, even though she voted for the former.

“I did [feel betrayed by Caroline] because I thought we had a genuine connection there,” she said. “I had built this relationship in connection with Kitty and Caroline, which I later found out was only really for one tribal.

Sarah on Survivor
Sarah. Survivor. Ten.

“We had multiple chats that you guys didn’t see on the screens where we spoke about being a strong girl Alliance like us for myself, Riri, Kitty, and Caroline, but turns out those chats were not genuine on their behalf. So that really sucks seeing that play out because I really liked those girls

“They were really sticking with their original Alliance from the Titans, which was quite boring, to be honest.”

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