Matty on Million Dollar Island

Million Dollar Island episode 11: 17 thoughts I had watching an “arrogant pr**k” try to take control

Has this guy been banking up savage insults the whole season?

It’s Million Dollar Island Australia episode 11 and we’ve gone from a hundred hopefuls to just seventeen survivors.

After (very openly) battling hunger and grueling trials, Jordan emerged victorious and earned the power to steer the game. But, did he let the power go to his head?

Here are 17 thoughts I had during episode eleven of Million Dollar Island Australia, episode seven!

1. Look, I’ve gotta give it to Brett for how great he is at being a reality TV villain.

2. Don’t fall for it Vine Camp! Jordan’s going to take your food and put you up for elimination anyway.

3. It’s the first I’ve heard Matty from Vine Camp speak TBH but production should have given him more screen time earlier. I love how he tells Jordan point-blank that he doesn’t trust him not to nominate him despite the food deal… But he hands over the grub anyway.

4. Now he’s calling Jordan an “arrogant pr*ck”. Matty for president.

Matt rolling his eyes at Jordan. Million Dollar Island.

5. So far Jordan’s struck a deal with Matty and Chloe from Vine Camp and Brett from Top Camp to not nominate them, but, fortunately, our favourite villain AKA Brett has taken the promise with a “grain of sand”.

6. Welp, in the most unsurprising news ever Jordan’s broken his promise to Matty and Chloe, but kept his to Brett, who says he’s like a “giggling school girl on spring break”.

Jordan and the food he scammed. Million Dollar Island.

7. Matty’s response to his nom? He calls Jordan a “gutted dog” and has this guy been banking up savage insults the whole season?

8. The fight on the beach over Jordan’s conniving nomination is most definitely the best Million Dollar Island moment so far. IMHO, Alfa and Tess are right that Log Camp are hypocrites. After all, the rest of the camp didn’t have to eat the food from the deal if they didn’t agree with the move.

9. I stand corrected. Matty pouring water on the Log Camp’s fire so they can’t cook the food is actually best moment.

Matty throwing water on the fire. Million Dollar Island.

The Elimination Challenge and Survival Challenge

10. I guess Matty has revenge on the mind, because he’s absolutely killing this challenge.

11. That’s the look of a worried man.

Jordan when he found out Matty won the challenge. Million Dollar Island.

12. Chloe and Matty’s embrace after his win is adorbs.

Matty and Chloe embracing. Million Dollar Island.

13. Vine camp’s reaction to their fire being put out is reality TV gold. But Matty really f**ked up by not taking their flint. Boo.

14. The Survival Challenge is rope making, and none of the contestants look too stoked about it.

The Survival Challenge contestants. Million Dollar Island.

15. Simon enlisting the help of Log Camp was genius in theory because they obviously don’t want Chloe to win. Too bad he couldn’t stay awake and keep his opposition motivated.

16. With every single contestant’s rope snapped, it looks like they’re all going home. Maybe production should have made the crates a little lighter?

17. Yup, they’re all out!

Contestants. Million Dollar Island.

Million Dollar Island Australia continues on July 17 at 7.30pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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