Hamish Blake and Ryan McNaught "Brickman", Lego Masters 2024

Lego Masters’ Hamish Blake & Brickman tease unforgettable “all-time” favourite team in 2024

"They are like pro athletes!"

In a momentous Olympic Games year, Lego Masters 2024 will see Australia take on the World, with four brand-new Aussie teams going head-to-head with four teams of International Lego superstars!

For hosts Hamish Blake and Brickman a.k.a Ryan McNaught, having teams from Denmark, France and the USA is “exciting”, however, nothing prepared them for German duo, Felix and Annalena.

“The German team might be some of our favourite contestants of all time,” Hamish told Chattr in 2023 while on set filming the sixth season. “They won the German version and they are like pro athletes!”

Felix and Annaelena, Lego Masters 2024
Felix and Annaelena, Lego Masters 2024. Nine

Adding that after five years of purely Aussie talent, the “newness of having these international teams” is fascinating, because they have “different ways of doing things”.

“The personalities are so different and we have so much fun with the other languages,” Brickman, who was also sitting in on the same interview, said. “It really is fun and interesting because as soon as it gets tense, the teams will default back to their natural language and everyone just starts speaking either Danish, German or French!”

“They have different quirks in communication and culture,” Hamish added, before referencing the German duo once again.

“They are absolute fiends for just diverting to German. You think of Endemol Shine just spending a fortune on translating because we get to see a live brainstorm in German!”

Annaelena and Felix on the set of Lego Masters 2024. Nine

While Hamish and Brickman have ruled the Lego Masters Brick Pit in the past, this year has been a little different.

“Felix bosses me around a little,” he admitted. “He’s 21 years old and I’m 42, but he’s just so charismatic, focused, lovely and so confident!

“He’ll just say stuff like: ‘I’m a little bit busy now. You can come back.’ He doesn’t say: “Can you come back?”, he just really politely says, ‘You will come back later.'” HA!

For Brickman, it’s astounding to watch given that Annaelena is “an amazing Lego builder and Felix becomes very protective of her.

“If you go to ask her a question, Felix will step in and go: ‘No, she’s too busy to talk to you right now’,” he said.

Cast of Lego Masters: Australia vs the World 2024. Nine

While the German team may be the ones to watch in terms of entertainment, Hamish admitted that they were not “invincible”.

“Throughout the season there are different people as winners,” he said. “Different challenges challenge them all in different ways. The wins are absolutely spread around this season.”

Stream Lego Masters on Sundays at 7.00pm and Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm on 9 and 9Now.

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