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This is exactly how much money each MAFS 2024 participant got paid

“I couldn’t even make my rent payments"

Of course, the MAFS participants are setting themselves up for a lucrative social media career by appearing on Married At First Sight, but they’re actually paid for their time on the show too.

How much exactly, you wonder? Well, we have the answers!

An anonymous participant told Daily Telegraph that they were paid $150 a day, and an additional $125 for food. If the contestants film a seven-day week, then they’ll be receiving $1925 a week.

Lauren. MAFS. Nine.

However, the same contestant told the publication that they weren’t allocated any money for their outfits or grooming.

“I am broke after having appeared on the show,” they said. “I couldn’t even make my rent payments with what we were being paid.

“We would film late so I would be ordering takeaway most nights. I spent a bomb on outfits, hair and make-up, and to top it off, they didn’t even let us wear what we wanted.”

“If someone was wearing the same colour as someone else, they would make you change.”

The MAFS participant said that the social media ban, which blocks the contestants from using their accounts, is an additional financial burden.

“And anyone who runs a business on Instagram is struggling because they can’t post anything.”

Eden and Jayden. MAFS. Nine.

How much were past MAFS participants paid?

Even though the current participant has complained about the amount they’re paid, it’s significantly more than in previous years.

Back in 2022, MAFS season 8 villain Olivia Frazer conducted an Instagram Q&A and was asked directly about the amount the participants were paid to be involved.

“You get paid $1100 weekly,” she responded.

Olivia Frazer. Instagram.

“Out of that you have to pay for your rent, bills, food, hair, make-up, outfits (so many outfits because producers need to approve). Plus during COVID we weren’t allowed in stores so we had to pay delivery fees for everything, which adds up.”

Olivia added, “I came out of it with next to nothing.”

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