Amelia on The Bachelors

The Bachelors 2023: Meet Amelia, the “unpredictable” bombshell

Her emotions tend to take the driver's seat...

Amelia Easey has garnered a lot of attention on The Bachelors Australia 2023, including that of leading man Ben Waddell.

The NSW-based 26-year-old isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and has strongly aligned herself with this year’s villain, Lisa Brehmer.

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Outside of reality TV, Amelia works as a registered nurse. She followed in the footsteps of her mum, who is also a nurse, and her father who is a radiographer. She now owns her own business, which she counts as her “proudest achievement to date”.

According to her Channel 10 bio, she’s a “spirited fitness enthusiast with a penchant for adventure” and is “unpredictable as her emotions tend to take the driver’s seat”.

Amelia Easey. Instagram.

Amelia admitted that she had fun in her early 20s but is now ready to settle down.

“I don’t believe there is only one person out there for you. But I do believe there are people that intertwine and connect with your soul on a deeper level then other people ever can. It’s very rare,” she said.

Amelia has struggled with her past relationships and is unsure if she’s ever been in love. However, she’s hoping to find a true connection on The Bachelors 2023 and wants to be certain about her next partner.

“I had to question myself when asked that question, which leads me to think that, no – I don’t think I have been in love.”

Amelia Easey. Instagram.

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