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Interview: It looks like The Traitors Australia 2023 celebs have an edge over their competition

“They're career reality TV contestants"

In 2022, The Traitors Australia cast was filled to the brim with regular joes like you and me; however, this year, there are some very famous faces joining the ranks.

While the entire group have an advantage over their predecessors, it turns out that the celebs could have an extra edge over the competition and there’s a very obvious reason why.

“They’re career reality TV contestants,” host Rodger Corser told Chattr in an interview before the series premiere.

“They’ve [the celebs} done this, and they’ve done the media afterwards. They have done interviews and they kind of know how a show is going to be put together and they have a knowledge of what works on screen. So, they bring a version of themselves which is going to get screen time.”

This year, the group of Faithfuls and Traitors include Below Deck alum Hannah FerrierMy Kitchen Rules’ Ash Pollard, actor Gyton Grantley and Australian Survivor‘s Luke Toki to name a few.

Luke Toki, Ash Pollard, Hannah Ferrier and Gyton Grantley. Ten

He continued: “This is like shock jock radio, you can’t sit on the fence, you have to have an opinion. Even if that opinion is totally wrong, you’ve just got to put your foot in one camp.”

Why do all contestants have an advantage this season?

While last year, the contestants went in mostly blind to the experience, this year, they knew exactly what to expect.

For Corser, the cast having this valuable information about the game meant that after the first murder, it was “game on”.

“The first episode, it’s great, but a few things need to happen obviously,” he said. “Once the shock of losing the first person and being banished — which they usually get wrong — and the first murder, then it’s really kind of game on.”

The Traitors cast
The Traitors 2023 cast. Ten

Last year, contestants were only given clues as to what the show was about during the application process; however, in 2023, they’ve seen a whole other season.

“Everyone was on an even playing field of naivety I suppose,” he said. “But this year, they’re not. Annabel [contestant], she’s quite blatantly going, ‘No one knows more about the show than I do. I’ve seen every English speaking [series], I’ve listened to every podcast.’”

Perhaps the biggest trump card of all? Knowing that they have to get in there and make an impact. And fast.

The Traitors airs on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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