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The Block 2025’s location has been officially confirmed and it’s stunning


The new location for The Block 2025 has been confirmed, and it’s a huge tree change from this year’s coastal spot.

The Block 2025 will be set in the Victorian countryside town of Daylesford. Daylesford is located approximately two hours from Melbourne City, and it’s famous for its natural springs and popular tourist attractions.

The Block’s Executive Producer Julian Cress confirmed the 2025 location to TV Tonight.

“There’s obviously been a lot of speculation…” he told the publication. “So after a lot of wrangling back and forth, the plans that we submitted to the council in Daylesford were finally approved a couple of months ago, so we’ve decided we’re going to go there.

Julian Cress with David Barbour, Justin Sturzaker and Scott Cam. Image: Instagram.

“We’re going to do the show that we wanted to do (last) year and we’re really excited about it because, we think off the back of this kind of ‘seachange’ series that we’re doing in Phillip Island, Daylesford is just a beautiful country town.

“It’s the number one weekend destination in Australia. So again, I think it’s a town that will resonate with a lot of viewers and as a backdrop for The Block, it’s absolutely stunning and the community there is wonderful.”

Daylesford. Image: Instagram.

What happened with the development application?

The spot is ideally situated, with a Mitre 10 conveniently located right across the road so that the Blockheads can easily grab all the tools they need.

The blueprint reveals that each residence will feature the exact same layout, with “5 bedrooms, an office area, common living space, an inclusive covered garage, and high-grade outdoor spaces, that comprise a heated swimming pool and comprehensive landscaping.”

Like previous seasons, the exteriors will feature different styles, from natural timber to metal cladding.

When will The Block 2025 air?

Woah, woah, woah! Considering that The Block 2024 hasn’t even begun airing yet, The Block 2025 is still a way off.

The Block 2024 is expected to air in August, so you can expect the 2025 season about a year after that.

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