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“Stress diet”: Lara Bird reveals the MASSIVE amount of weight she lost filming Dream Home


It’s no secret that taking part in a home-renovation reality show is stressful, and Dream Home 2024’s Lara Bird has revealed exactly how much weight she lost as a result.

The Dream Home 2024 cast began filming the strenuous series in October 2023 and wrapped in mid-March 2024. During a Q&A session on Instagram, Lara revealed that since the finale aired, she’s received “a lot of questions around the weight loss situation”.

“You can probably tell that there is a big difference in the way that I look from the first episode to the last episode. Through COVID and babies and whatever, I stacked on a whole bunch of weight,” she explained.

Lara’s Q&A. Source: Instagram.

Lara said that once she got accepted onto the show it was motivation for her to begin her weight loss journey.

“Before filming started, I had lost about 15 kilos. I hate to tell you, but it was just exercise and eating small amounts, and then filming started and then it was the stress diet.”

The Dream Home runner-up explained that she put her weight loss down to a combination of stress, smaller portions of food, and water loss.

Lara, Peter, Liam, Rhys at the beginning of the series. Image: Seven.

“I was stressed most days, well, every day. But I think that just helped with it dropping off quite quickly,” she said.

“We still ate quite well, not a lot. Probably because I didn’t have the appetite to and then we went to Queensland and then sweat was just dripping off us all day every day. It was so hot.

“So that obviously helped as well. But yeah, just mix it all together. And that’s sort of what happened.”

Lara and Peter after their home was renovated in the final week. Image: Seven.

How much weight did Dream Home’s Lara lose?

Lara explained that the combination of factors led her to weigh in almost 50kgs lighter than she was prior to the show.

“For me, it was like Dream Home/ Biggest Loser situation, which I wasn’t angry about. From the start of it to where I am now it’s a 43-kilo loss. So pretty big,” she said.

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