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“Thrown a spanner in the works”: MasterChef Australia’s Josh Clarke reflects on exit

"It was my least favourite challenge that I wasn't really confident in."

Sunday’s episode of MasterChef Australia 2024 saw the elimination of Queensland coffee roaster Josh Clarke after contestants were tasked with recreating iconic meat dishes using only plant-based ingredients.

The challenge was one of the most daunting yet, as contestants faced a pantry devoid of any meat, eggs, butter, or milk. In the end, Josh’s ambitious carrot steak failed to hit the mark with the judges.

Chattr caught up with Josh C following his exit from MasterChef Australia to talk about his fateful final dish, his favourite part of the experience and everything in between.

Josh C Masterchef

Masterchef Australia’s Josh C says he struggled with the final challenge

From the get-go, Joshua sensed the challenge would be his downfall.

“I feel fine, to be honest. It was my least favourite challenge that I wasn’t really confident in, so I wasn’t overly shocked with the result,” he confessed.

“Initially, I thought it was vegetarian. I was planning to use eggs or butter to add depth, but no eggs, no butter, no milk at all, and it completely threw a spanner in the works for me.”

The carrot steak gamble

While many contestants gravitated towards mushrooms, Josh chose a daring path with his carrot steak.

“When people think vegetarian or vegan, the first thing everyone thinks of is mushrooms. I did as well. But I knew it was going to be the popular choice, so I wanted to do something different,” he explained.

His goal was to stand out with a bold, creative dish, but the execution fell short and the judges found his carrot steak undercooked and lacking the texture of a real steak.

“Looking back, I wouldn’t change it. I would try and do it again but elevate it even more,” Josh added.

Heartfelt memories and lifelong friendships

While his departure may have been bittersweet, Josh is grateful for the valuable friendships he made during the show.

“Being a part of this has been an incredible experience. Just getting into the session with like-minded people who all share the same passion and desire for cooking and feeding people, that, for me, is the biggest highlight of the whole experience,” he said.

Looking ahead after Masterchef Australia

As he steps away from the MasterChef kitchen, Joshua plans to focus on his family and recharge.

“I don’t have anything concrete coming up at the moment. I’m gonna do my best to maintain the social media presence, but at the moment, you know, I kind of just need to get back to my family and decompress,” he shared.

Who will claim the Masterchef 2024 crown?

With the competition fiercer than ever, Joshua couldn’t single out a favourite for the win.

“We’re at top 10 now; every single person that’s part of that top 10 absolutely has an equal shot at winning the whole thing. They all have their own skills, their own stories, and their own way of showing that on a plate,” he said.

Josh’s journey may have ended, but his passion for innovation and cooking ensures his story is far from over. Here’s to your next culinary adventure, Josh!

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