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I’m a Celeb’s Denise Drysdale doubts career would’ve taken off if she had to begin in 2024

"I have come up in a generation where we were allowed to make mistakes"

Denise Drysdale has bid farewell to I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here 2024 jungle after being eliminated during the April 10 episode of the series.

The oldest contestant to ever enter the camp, Denise came in with a wealth of knowledge; however, soon realised that if she were to start her career in this day and age, she would struggle to get it off the ground.

“All the younger ones are into [social] media,” the 75-year-old told Chattr the morning after her elimination. “That to me is a whole new world… they sell themselves all the time and I never had to do that.”

denise drysdale
Denise Drysdale, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. Ten

Admitting that her fifty-plus-year career came from putting her “head down to do the job”, she was also cognisant that she had been very “lucky” in her employment.

“If I was starting now, I don’t know whether I’d have a job,” she said. “If I had to start again, I don’t think I’d cope.”

Further, the former Studio 10 alum revealed that she was in awe of Stephen K Amos — particularly when it came to his stand-up.

“I’ve never ever had to go on stage and prove myself because every time I went on, I was on telly and the audience was ready for it,” she said.

“I have come up in a generation where we were allowed to make mistakes and it’s been fantastic. I’ve been so lucky.”

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