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Survivor’s Alex reveals Feras’ true intentions: Was Kirby on the chopping block at Tribal Council?

"The conversations we see on TV, they seem a little different in person"

Alex Coe found himself voted off the tribe after forging an alliance with Feras, Raymond, Caroline and Mark.

Heading into Tribal Council, everything looked as though it would go successfully and Kirby would be eliminated. That was before Alex came for members of his supposed alliance at the fire pit.

However, during a post-elimination interview with Chattr, Alex revealed that he doesn’t think Feras ever intended to vote with him.

“Getting back from the immunity challenge and getting back to the beach, I felt like Feras and Ray weren’t with me and then Caroline wouldn’t have voted with us because she knew that they weren’t,” he explained.

“So I sort of knew, heading in [to Tribal], that I was probably going home, so I think I felt a little emotional and frustrated and I went out with guns blazing.”

Alex on Australian Survivor. Ten.

Alex reveals what wasn’t aired

Although it appeared as though Feras was on board for the Kirby vote, Alex said what actually played out on the beach was starkly different.

“The conversations we see on TV, they seem a little different in person,” he said. “I was confident that when he and Ray were talking to me, that they were feeding me when I wanted to hear.”

“Feras wouldn’t vote for Kirby at that point, he needed Kirby, and at this point in the game, he would have been very happy to get out one of the challenge threats. Obviously, I think Rhianna would have been his first pick, but she won the immunity. I could sort of tell [it was me] heading in, and that’s why I did what I did.”

So, how did Alex know that Feras and Raymond weren’t going to turn on Kirby, despite what they said?

“Just the way that they were talking. I’d seen Feras with Kirby so many times leading up to that. And I was just like, ‘Why would he now turn on someone like that when he can use her as a shield moving forward?’ I was not confident that they were with us.”

Feras and Kirby from Survivor
Kirby and Feras on Australian Survivor. Ten.

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