Cash and Eden on Home and Away

“What an absolute load of c**p!”: Home and Away fans call out a puzzling detail about Eden


Home and Away fans have been left bemused about spotting after spotting a strange detail on a recent episode.

Home and Away returned to screens on Monday, January 8th and the show picked up from where it left off in the season finale; with Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) missing.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) very quickly organised a search party for her, and fans felt that it was a little too quick.

“I thought you had to wait 24 hours before a person is reported missing. The search party got there pretty quickly lol,” one viewer wrote on social media, with another person adding: “What an absolute load of crap!”.

Cash looking for Eden on Home and Away
Nick Cartwright is front and centre in storylines as Home and Away returns for 2024.

What happened to Eden?

Eden went missing while on a camping trip with her boyfriend Cash.

Before the break, she was last season when sneaking into the bush to go to the bathroom. During the walk, she came across two men digging a hole in the middle of the night and was knocked out and taken away by them.

Earlier in the day, the kidnapper’s car had collided with a motorbike, which was driven by Remi (Adam Rowland). After hitting him, the drivers checked on Remi and thought that he was dead, so they put his body in the car and planned to bury him, hence why they were digging the hole.

In the first of the 2024 episodes, Remi showed signs of life and Eden convinced the men to drop him on the side of the road and call an ambulance.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Cash launched a search party for her and fortunately, she was found before the men tried to fulfil their plan of killing her.

Eden’s missing posters

Eden on Home and Away

Channel Seven rolled out an intriguing ad campaign in regards to the season’s finale.

They published ‘missing’ posters of Eden, with a real phone number to call. Fans who called the number were able to hear Eden’s final phone call.

“We’re thrilled with the engagement and impact this campaign has driven so far and excited to spearhead an immersive, out-of-the-box creative campaign for Home and Away,” said Larissa Ozard, Seven’s Director of Marketing – Brand, Product and Trade.

“It’s in no small way thanks to some brilliant creative from Nina Kendall and execution by Marni Crutchley and team, who have been able to deliver a campaign to get the nation talking while sweating earned and owned channels.”

While some of the fans loved the interactive touch, some others felt that it was disrespectful to families who are searching for their missing loved ones in real life.

Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday on Channel 7 and 7Plus at 7pm.

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