Peep the trailer for Netflix’s new rollercoaster of a romantic series One Day

Here's everything you need to know!

If you’re a sucker for a show that tugs at the heart strings, then it’s hard to look past Netflix’s new TV series One Day.

If the title alone is giving you deja vu, then there’s a good reason for it. One Day is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel of the same name, and it was previously made into a movie.

The movie – which also has the same name (it’s confusing, we know) – was released back in 2011 and starred Anne Hathaway as Emma Morley and Jim Sturgess as Dexter Mayhew.

The 2011 movie One Day with Anne Hathaway. YouTube.

The TV adaption gives a fresh new perspective on the swoon-inducing love story. It spans a whopping 14 episodes, which gives a more in-depth look at Dex and Em’s love story.

When does it come out?

One Day is really setting itself up to be the most romantic series of the year, as it drops on Valentine’s Day.

One Day. Netflix

Is there a trailer?

There certainly is. Check it out below.

Who’s in it?

If you’re trying to figure out where you know the lead male from, we got you! Leo Woddall who plays Dexter Mayhew in One Day was Jack in White Lotus season 2.

Ambika Mod, of This is Going to Hurt, plays Emma Morley.

The cast also includes Essie Davis, Tim McInnerny, Amber Grappy, Jonny Weldon,  Eleanor Tomlinson, Joely Richardson and Toby Stephens.

What’s it about?

One Day is a romantic story that revolves around Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. Their paths cross on the night of their graduation, July 15th, 1988, when they engage in their first conversation.

As the story progresses, time passes and both Emma and Dexter experience massive transformations that occur in their lives. Each episode takes place on the same date in subsequent years, providing glimpses into their evolving relationship, which entails both happiness and heartache.

Stream One Day on Netflix from February 14, 2024.

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