Meet your farmers for Farmer Wants A Wife 2025

Who will you be applying for?

Can you believe we’re already being treated to a new batch of Farmer Wants A Wife farmers for 2025? Feels like just yesterday we wrapped the latest season!

From first glances, I think we’re in for quite the ride.

Now all that’s left for you to do is see if there’s a farmer below that tickles you haystack, and get your Farmer Wants A Wife application in for 2025.

Let’s meet our new Farmer Wants A Wife farmers.

Farmer Jack

farmer wants a wife farmer jack

Farmer Jack is a 26-year-old living on a cattle farm in Oberon, NSW. He’s 6ft (because apparently that matters) and a family man whose dream is “to keep what we have in the family and to continue the line”.

His farming heritage that dates back to the 1800s.

“Some people call me a bit of a larrikin, and a cheeky sort of bloke,” Farmer Jack says of his easygoing attitude to life.

Farmer Jack L

farmer wants a wife farmer jack l

Indeed, another Farmer Jack. He’s also 26 but lives in Tasmania on a dairy farm.

“I am very reliable, hardworking, honest and straightforward,” Farmer Jack L‘s Farmer Wants A Wife profile reads.

“My friends would say I’m always there for them, I don’t say no if I’m needed that’s for sure.”

Sounds like a stellar dude if you ask me!

Farmer Jarrad

farmer 2024 fwaw

Farmer Jarrad is just 21-years-old and describes himself as a “goofy creative”. He lives on a sheep farm outside of Stanthorpe, Queensland.

“I’ll also send you crazy from singing too much,” he says. (I’ve watched his intro reel and can confirm he has a fantastic voice, so don’t worry about that!)

Farmer Thomas

farmer thomas fwaw 2025

Farmer Thomas is 35-year-old “hardworking and driver farmer” living on a wheat, lentil and barley farm in Kimba, South Australia. He is the oldest of the Farmer Wants A Wife farmers in our 2025 crop.

He’s a whopping 6’4 in height and is looking for someone who is “kind, caring and honest” with their own passions.

Farmer Reidy

farmer reidy farmer wants a wife

Farmer Reidy is looking for love and with a banana and avocado farm, I think he might have a few contenders. Unrelated, but he’s 6’5 in height.

Farmer Reidy describes himself as “outgoing, energetic, happy, and hard working individual”. He’s well travelled but calls Mareeba in Queensland home. He’s 29.

Farmer Corey

farmer corey 2025

Farmer Corey is a 24-year-old working on a beans, hay and cotton farm in Biloela, Queensland. What’s he looking for?

“I’d like to have a partner who is kind and giving and able to enjoy the simple life, the farm and the way we live. I want a team player and a best mate to take on life with.”

Farmer Tom

farmer tom farmer 2025

Farmer Tom is a 31-year-old sheep farmer from Borambola, New South Wales. He’s keen to find a wife to share his life on the farm with!

Farmer Tom loves Taylor Swift (music) because he’s only human. He’d love to find “someone who looks for positives instead of negatives”.

Farmer Chooka

farmer chooka fwaw 2025

Farmer Chooka is 25 years old and working on a cattle, sheep and crop farm in Goornong, Victoria. He’s a community bloke who describes himself as “a funny, mischievous larrikin”.

What’s he looking for when it comes to love?

“The most important thing is that the relationship is healthy. This would involve good communication, love and honesty. “

Friendly reminder: Farmer Wants A Wife Australia has created 10 marriages and 26 kids (!!!) since it started airing. It’s a much better success rate than Married At First Sight and The Bachelor (RIP), right?

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