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This podcast host reckons Eric Stonestreet is the worst guest she’s ever had

We wouldn't have picked this one!

If you think that Cam from Modern FamilyEric Stonestreet — is likely the loveliest person in the world, podcast host Taylor Strecker‘s firsthand opinion of the actor is here to shake things up.

During an episode of Amazon Live’s In Bed With Paige DeSorbo (if you don’t listen to her Giggly Squad podcast with Hannah Berner, you should), Strecker did not hold back on her experience with the Modern Family star.

eric stonestreet modern family
Well, this should be interesting! Image: Modern Family

“Who’s the worst guest you’ve ever had on your podcast?” DeSorbo asked Strecker, who is the host of the Taste of Taylor podcast.

Unfazed, Strecker dropped Stonestreet’s name like the hot tea it is.

“He’s [Cameron Tucker] from Modern Family, and he’s like the chubby, jolly, sweet, funny one,” Strecker clarified when DeSorbo didn’t recognise the name.

“Could he be anything but… nasty!”

Strecker explained she quickly learned he was on her podcast to promote none other than Pepto-Bismol.

For the uninitiated, Pepto-Bismol is an anti-diarrhoea medication that’s a staple in American households but not available in Australia.

“I didn’t know!” Strecker explained.

Why was Eric Stonestreet her “worst” guest?

“So we’re chatting away, and I’m being my adorable self, and then he hits me with, ‘So when are we gonna talk about Pepto-Bismol?’”

Trying to roll with it, Strecker joked, “I have hemorrhoids. I’m the queen of diarrhea. I love Pepto-Bismol! We can talk about whatever you want.”

That was when she explained that things got a little sassy, if you will.

“And he said to me — and I quote — ‘Somebody didn’t do their homework.,” Strecker recalled.

As someone who interviews people in media regularly, that’s a pretty rough thing to hear.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry. Am I getting paid by Pepto-Bismol? No. So that’s your job to figure out, not mine.”

You know when people are relaying a story and it’s unclear if they actually said that thing or just thought it in response? I really hope she said that to him for the popcorn value alone.

It’s understood that the podcast appearance was likely around the time of his 2011 partnership with Pepto-Bismol for a Feeding America campaign.

I’d love to know the thoughts of whoever was the Pepto-Bismol publicist at the time. You know what they say? There are 17 sides to every story.

Modern Family streams on Disney+ if you want to watch it back with fresh eyes. Nab a subscription here.

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