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“I’m not a victim”: MAFS’ Tori slams her edit and reveals what really happened at the Dinner Party

"Just not an accurate depiction whatsoever"

MAFS bride Tori Adams has slammed her edit on the show, saying she’s “not a victim” and revealed that footage was removed from the Dinner Party to make her look a certain way.

Tori married Jack Dunley, however, just a few episodes into the season, a website ran a story about his ex-girlfriend, who he allegedly left to go on the show.

The article claimed that Jack broke up with his ex Courtney Jade and told her that he was going on a work trip, only to appear on MAFS 2024 as a groom.

Jack’s past relationship was the main topic of conversation at the first Dinner Party, and Tori stood by her partner, saying she wasn’t bothered by the revelation.

Tori has since come out saying that she isn’t pleased about how she’s been presented on MAFS, and stressed that she stood up for herself and the relationship at the group gathering.

“I addressed the table that night and I was very clear on my stance regarding that article and they just cut all of it out and made me look like I was a damsel in distress,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

“It was really disappointing to kind of figure out the angle that they’re going with is just not an accurate depiction whatsoever,” she added.

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The business development manager told the publication that she thinks her edit makes it look as though she doesn’t have a “voice”.

“I feel like I come across quite silenced and quite uncomfortable and quite submissive in a way of not being able to speak up, and that’s not me at all,” she said. “I am not afraid to speak up, I am quite outspoken and happy to share any thoughts.

“I’m not a victim. I’m not this helpless, poor sod that needs the nation to stand behind me. I’m great, I’m fine. We’re just getting done real dirty with how they’re showing it on TV, and it’s really disappointing. But it is what it is, you know, it’s TV and I signed up to it.”

What happened with Jack and his ex?

Jack’s ex Courtney Jade spoke to The Wash when the reality TV show was filming, and said made the claim that he abruptly broke up with her and told her he was going on a work trip.

“I was dating him this year and he broke up with me a week after I flew to Melbourne, met all his family and he said he loves me. He told me he was moving to America for “work opportunities”. I only found out yesterday from a friend he is in fact in Sydney on Married At First Sight,” she told the publication.

Jack has since fired back, telling Daily Mail Australia that he expected Courtney Jade to reach out to the press in regards to their former relationship.

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“It wasn’t a surprise. I had a feeling that my ex was going to go rogue at some point and probably sell something to the media,” he said.

He told the publication that the news didn’t affect his relationship with his on-screen wife Tori.

“Tori was all over it,” he said. “I think I discussed it with her day two or day three of meeting her and caught her up to speed with my latest relationship and where it was and how I couldn’t get away from the communications even though I wasn’t responding.”

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