the bachelors australia 2023 cast

Get Ready to Watch Them Fall In Love! Meet the Entire Cast of The Bachelors Australia 2023

Roses at the ready!

The Bachelors Australia is back after a year-long hiatus in 2023 and, along with it, triple the Bachie babes and triple the cast.

This year, Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli, and Jed McIntosh are putting their hearts (and souls) on the line to find their perfect match.

After taking a breather from the franchise, 10 have promised a HUGE shake-up and this includes bringing in three very different personalities.

the bachelors australia 2023
Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli are at the helm of The Bachelors Australia 2023. Source: Ten.

In an interview with Mediaweek, executive producer Tim Ali revealed how “important” it was to “find three guys from very different backgrounds”.

On top of this, they insisted on giving the ladies a CHOICE — which is a big YES in our books.

“We wanted to give the ladies of this season a choice, and I think that’s the biggest difference in the series – if you don’t connect with one of our bachelors, it doesn’t mean that your search for love is over,” he said.

So, who is searching for love on The Bachelors Australia with Felix, Jed and Thomas?

Scroll through for the entire cast.

Felix Von Hofe’s Contestants

Abigail Harley, 26, New South Wales

abigail the bachelors australia

Eboni Burling, 29, Queensland

eboni the bachelors australia

Emma Lewis, 25, Victoria

emma the bachelors australia

Jessica Navin, 25, Queensland

jessica the bachelors australia

Krystal Thomas, 26, Queensland

krystal the bachelors australia

Mikki Silberbach, 26, New South Wales

mikki the bachelors australia

Naomi Johnston, 24, New South Wales

Tilly Skok, 24, Victoria

Yuri, 21, New South Wales

Zara Jekyll, 27, New South Wales

Jed McIntosh’ Contestants

Abby Miller, 21, New South Wales

Alesia Delaney, 28, New South Wales

Angela Ferdinands, 25, Victoria

Bella Johnston, 27, New South Wales

Caitlin Perry, 25, Queensland

Courtney Mustac, 33, Victoria

Jasmine Absolom, 24, Queensland

Jessica Tomlinson, 24, Western Australia

Tash, 31, Victoria

Thomas Malucelli’s Contestants

Aylin Sakaci, 25, Queensland

CJ, 30, Western Australia

Jacinta Daher, 30, New South Wales

Jenae Weston, 29, Victoria

Kristen “Kiki”, 38, Queensland

Lauren Whybird, 28, Queensland

Leah Cummings, 32, South Australia

Lou Bellbowen, 31, New South Wales

Marjorie Griffiths, 25, New South Wales

Marnie Klippelt, 28, Queensland


The Bachelors premieres on Monday, 9 January 2023, on 10 and 10 Play.


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