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Feast your eyes on bad boy Jamie Dornan in the new The Tourist season 2 trailer

He's baaack

Feast your eyes on Jamie Dornan in all of his bad-boy glory in the new trailer for Stan’s popular Original Series The Tourist.

The trailer sees Elliot (Dornan) kidnapped and tortured in Ireland, while Constable Helen Chamber (Danielle Macdonald) desperately searches for him. Elliot is still suffering severe amnesia from a car crash, and tries to piece together what he has done to cause him to be punished.

As well as being blessed with some HD footage of Dornan looking fine, Stan has also dropped an air date. The Tourist will be available to stream exclusively on the platform from January 2nd, 2024.

Who is in season two of The Tourist?

The second instalment sees the main characters Dornan and Macdonald return.

It also features a raft of new cast members including Detective Ruairi Slater (Conor MacNeill), Niamh Cassidy (Olwen Fouéré) and the McDonnell family – Donal (Diarmaid Murtagh), Orla (Nessa Matthews), Fergal (Mark McKenna), and Frank (Francis Magee).

What was season one about?

In the first season of The Tourist, Elliot embarked on a thrilling pursuit through the Australian outback. After waking up in a hospital, injured and disoriented, Elliot confronted relentless individuals from his past while navigating the unforgiving and expansive Australian terrain in his quest for identity and truth.

What will season two be about?

Season two is set one year on from where season one ended. It takes place in Dublin and follows Elliot and Helen as they travel to Ireland together.

Elliot decides it’s time to reconnect with his roots after the car crash that caused the severe memory loss. As they delve into Elliot’s past life, they find themselves caught up in a dangerous whirlwind. While Elliot battles his inner demons, Helen must unravel a larger mystery, forcing them to confront old and new enemies.

Stream The Tourist season two from January 2nd, 2024 on Stan.

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