Aarthi on The Bachelors

The Bachelors 2023: Meet Aarthi, the contestant defying her family in the hope of finding love

Will it be third time lucky for Aarthi?

Aarthi is quirky, creative and funny – all the qualities that usually see a The Bachelors contestant make it to the end. However, her story isn’t as simple as some past contestants.

Aarthi is of Sri Lankan heritage but was brought up in Australia. Despite her Western upbringing, Aarthi’s family believe in more traditional values when it comes to finding love.

“My family’s not happy that I’m here,” she told Bachelor Luke Bateman on a one-on-one date during the second episode. “You don’t see a lot of brown girls coming on here – like Sri Lankan or Indian girls – doing what I’m doing.”

Aarthi. The Bachelors.

In her Channel 10 bio, the 29-year-old Sydneysider said that she’s always trying to find a balance between doing what she wants, and doing what her family expects.

“Being a second-generation South Asian Australian girl who is trying to live the life I desire but understanding that my family and culture have different expectations. It’s hard to find a balance that works so that is the biggest obstacle I have had to overcome in my life.”

Aarthi. The Bachelors.

Aarthi left her high-powered job after she realised that she was only in the role to make her family happy so that she could come on The Bachelors in search of love.

Hopefully, for Aarthi, it will be a case of third time lucky, as she’s previously been in love twice.

“I have been lucky to be in love twice before, both with my best friends.”

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