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Abbie Chatfield just lost a whopping $500k in one year

"Not to be a c**t guys, but I cannot do this”

Abbie Chatfield is one of the most in-demand women in media, so much so that she had to turn down some very well-paying jobs.

The former The Bachelor star has made no secret about the fact that she struggles with feeling exhausted due to all her professional commitments, and regularly talks about it on her Instagram account.

She shared that she was paid an advance to write an “entry-level handbook for young feminists”, but has since reneged on the deal.

“I tried to write but I couldn’t write anything, I couldn’t force it,” she said on her It’s A Lot podcast in March.

Abbie Chatfield. Instagram.

“I got to the point where I called my friend and said I cannot do this. I drove back to Sydney two days early [from my writer’s retreat] and told my manager I couldn’t do this. They tried to convince me [to do it], but I said, ‘not to be a c**t guys, but I cannot do this’.”

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the amount an author of her calibre would have been paid would sit around the $100,000 and $150,000 mark, which would usually be broken down into three instalments.

It is believed that Chatfield returned the money when she decided she didn’t want to go ahead with the deal.

Abbie Chatfield has cancelled other jobs because of her burnout

Abbie got her start on The Bachelor 2019, and since then she’s won I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, has been a judge on The Masked Singer, launched her own podcast It’s A Lot, hosted a popular radio program, launched a clothing line and her own beer and became the first host of FBoy Island Australia, among other media gigs.

The Masked Singer. Seven.

With so much on her plate, it’s not surprising that the book isn’t the only opportunity she’s turned down. In August, she her Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield national radio show which an industry insider told Yahoo would have cost her six figures.

“Abbie easily would have made $300,000 from the show, plus tens of thousands more on top of that from live [ad] reads as she led the market in that time slot against Nova and KIIS,” the insider added.

“Abbie is so commercially appealing SCA [South Cross Australia] didn’t take her decision lightly but understood her reasons.”

Abbie also pulled the plug on her clothing brand Verbose in May, a year after she’d launched it.

“I’ve just been too busy to do a clothing brand properly right now … There’s nothing dramatic, it’s just that I haven’t even had time to call my mum, let alone run a label,” Abbie said at the time.

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