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New Stan Documentary Revealed: The Cape has adultery, a triple murder, and unsolved mysteries

It's not for the faint hearted!

The new Stan Original documentary Revealed: The Cape has all the makings of a great drama – crime, mysterious disappearances, and a small-town love triangle – except, it’s true.

Twenty years on from the disappearance of 36-year-old Bevin Simmonds and his 10-year-old son Brad, The Cape takes a look into what happened in the lead-up to that fateful day, as well as the dramatic aftermath.

Directed by Emmy Award-nominated filmmakers, Michael Ware and Justine A. Rosenthal, the doco is one of four new projects under Stan’s Revealed banner, which is a collection of documentaries and non-fiction investigative content produced by the streaming giant.

“There is so much yet to know, so much unanswered about the events swirling about the morning Bevin and Brad Simmonds vanished off the face of the earth,” Rosenthal said in a statement of the upcoming documentary.

“We hope this film carries their story onwards and brings new vision to an agony that still scars one of Australia’s most rugged, remote, and virtually lawless regions.”

The Cape directors Michael Ware and Justine A. Rosenthal
The Cape directors Michael Ware and Justine A. Rosenthal. Stan.

What crime is Revealed: The Cape about?

On June 5, 2003, Bevin and his son Brad Simmonds went out on a fishing boat to the river south of Pormpuraaw to check shark nets and were never seen again. Since their disappearance, no murder weapon, bodies, or even the boat they went out on have ever been found.

Rival fisherman Michael Gater and his mother Joan Betty Gater were charged with the murders of the two males but were acquitted after a two-week trial.

During the hearing, a history of feuds and an affair between Michael and the victim’s wife Cathy Simmonds was uncovered, and to this day the case has never been solved.

In another twist, Bevin’s close friend Brian Dunnett – who vowed to avenge the death of his mate – was found shot dead five years after the initial disappearance.

The area Ben and Brad Simmonds went missing. Stan.

Where can I watch it?

The Cape premieres on June 18 exclusively on Stan.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is. You can watch it below:

Stan Original Documentary Revealed: The Cape airs June 18 on Stan.

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