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“Me and Jono had words”: Lauren reveals what went on behind the scenes at the MAFS Reunion

“I felt like an absolute idiot"

The Married At First Sight 2024 Reunion Dinner Party was one of the most shocking to ever come out of the franchise; largely because Lauren Dunn was left blindsided when her ex Jono McCullough entered with fellow bride Ellie Dix.

Viewers were stunned to see Ellie and Jono giggle at Lauren’s heartbreak, but the MAFS bride has since revealed that more drama went down than what was shown on TV.

Lauren told PEDESTRIAN.TV. that although she was hurt but Ellie and Jonathan’s decision to come to the Reunion Dinner Party together, she actually made up with her ex at the event.

“I felt like an absolute idiot when they walked in,” Lauren said.

Ellie and Jonathan. Nine.

“After that all happened, and me and Jono had words, we actually had a good night together,” she told P.TV, just after the trailer came out.

“Every time you see them laughing, it’s because of me. Like Jono and Ellie were in stitches laughing all night because I was making them laugh because I’m funny. I don’t think they’ve laughed that much together so when they finally get to see me they were having a laugh.

“The trailer made it a little bit more sinister but we actually all end up having a good night and we actually could talk about that with the experts on the couch the next day.”

Ellie and Jonathan. Nine.

Other cast mates knew that Ellie and Jonathan were together

Viewers watched as Tori told Lauren at a Commitment Ceremony that Jono had been messaging Ellie behind his wife’s back.

Then, at the Final Vows, Lauren dumped Jonathan and mentioned that she believes Jonathan and Ellie are interested in progressing their relationship.

However, going into the finale, Lauren appeared to have no clue that Ellie and Jonathan had been quietly dating in the time between Final Vows and the event.

Lauren. Nine.

“Then when they had the support of the group, besides like Timothy and Sarah, so blatantly rubbing it in front of my face, I was quite embarrassed,” Lauren said.

“I’m annoyed because I’ve since found out that the majority of the cast knew about it and not one single person thought they should just send me a text and maybe let me know that this was happening,” she explained.

“I knew they were going to be together, my gut told me that but no one told me, not even them. Jono didn’t even slip me a text to give me the heads-up.”

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