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Jock Zonfrillo’s widow Lauren Fried shares an adorable post about their son’s recent milestone

They share a special bond

Jock Zonfrillo’s widow Lauren Fried has shared a huge update about the son she shared with the late MasterChef Australia host.

Lauren posted an adorable photo of Alfie, who turns six this month, dressed in his school uniform and beaming on his first day of school while she held him.

“The wee man’s first day at school,” she captioned the cute pic.

Jock Zonfrillo. Instagram.

Lauren’s emotional updates on life without Jock

In January, Lauren shared an emotional tribute to Jock after their wedding anniversary. They got married on January 1st 2017 in a seaside ceremony.

“Happy anniversary, My Love,” Lauren wrote alongside a photo from the beautiful day. “Our dream of growing old together in the middle of nowhere in Italy – kids and dogs under our feet, you laughing your enormous laugh, falling asleep on your chest – is so vivid.”

“That’s where I imagine you now. Lx.”

Jock Zonfrillo. Instagram.

Shortly before that, Lauren shared another moving tribute about spending her first Christmas without Jock.

“It’s different this year. No less love or excitement, just my stubbornness to see the kid’s faces light up in spite of it all,” she wrote alongside a video of her celebrating Christmas with her children.

“Watching our gorgeous children navigating their first Xmas, I can see now that tragedy will make them. It will make them fierce and fearless, they’ll have a strength no-one can quite put their finger on,” the post continued.

“And they will undoubtedly have a life bigger than the one Jock and I dreamt for them because of this. They’ll be stronger in the broken bits.”

Jock Zonfrillo. Instagram.

What happened to Jock Zonfrillo?

Zonfrillo died suddenly on April 30, 2023 and he is survived by his wife and children Alfie, 5, and Isla, 2, as well as two older daughters, Ava and Sophia, from his first two marriages.

In July, Fried took to Instagram to share how she honoured her husband’s MasterChef legacy by wearing a traditional Scottish piece from his final episode.

“What a gorgeous man, always happiest in his kilt. This is the fly plaid (tartan over his shoulder) that I chose to wear to Jock’s funeral, the last one he wore,” she captioned a photo of the MasterChef Australia judge wearing the piece.

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