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Interview: Love Island’s Trent confesses the real reason there were condoms on the day bed

Plus, he reveals if they were opened...

Trent delivered viewers a lot of interesting moments throughout Love Island Australia 2023, but perhaps the most talked about one was when he woke up next to Georgia on the day bed with a stash of condoms.

Georgia had been dilly-dallying between partnering up with Nate or Trent, and (temporarily) decided to sleep with Trent on the day bed.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the connies next to Trent in the morning and proceeded to screenshot them and post the pics all over social media.

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However, during a post-elimination interview with Chattr, the Islander revealed that it wasn’t him who grabbed the condoms and debunked comments that said the wrappers were opened.

“Everyone’s been calling me some absurd names for that! The fact is that we didn’t do anything sexually apart from kissing,” he said.

“The villa producers bring out condoms every time you sleep on a daybed just in case something happens so there’s nothing more than what you see, nothing that happened,” he explained.

Like hundreds of social media users, Trent joked about the amount of condoms he was given.

“There were like four or five there, so I think the villa producers thought I was an animal. I’m pretty happy that they thought I had that many rounds.”

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Trent on why he thought Georgia was in the wrong for going back to Nate

After Trent and Georgia stayed the night on the day bed, she appeared to wake up in a state of panic and decided she wanted to couple up with Nate again.

Trent said that some scenes weren’t shown which led him to believe their connection was stronger than it was.

“I was putting a lot of work behind the scenes for nearly a week, I was throwing everything I had at Georgia. It was a hard situation because I wasn’t coupled up with her and she was coupled up with Nate” he said.

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“I’ve never really had that where someone wakes up in the morning and goes, f**k this. I’m out. I’m going back to my ex,” he added.

Trent explained that he and Georgia spent a lot of time enjoying each other’s company before they went to sleep, and after they woke up.

“On the TV you didn’t see we were chatting for ages while we were on the daybed before we went to sleep and she was so happy and giggling and kissing me.”

“Even when sun just came out, we woke up pretty early. And she was kissing me and giggling and that and then it was like, something just clicked and it was a bit of a kick in the old fella for that to happen.”

Trent said that given the time they’d spent together in the lead-up to her decision to flip, he thought she could have handled the situation better.

“I don’t feel like Georgia had a good chat with me about how she’s feeling when she woke up. I think she owed me a proper chat and a bit of a debrief about exactly what happened.”

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