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Kristy, Brett & their agent throw jabs at each other after their disappointing The Block auction result

"If the contestants were more popular, then it might have helped the auctioneers a little bit more”

The Block 2023 might have wrapped but the drama certainly hasn’t. Both Kristy and Brett and their real estate agent Sam Inan have blamed each other following their relatively low auction profits.

ICYMI, Brett and Kristy’s The Block house sold for $3,035,000, which left them with a profit of $65,000. While the price doesn’t sound too grim – their neighbours Steph and Gian and Eliza and Liberty both left with over $1 million per team.

The bidders weren’t aware of the team’s reserves, however, Kristy and Brett’s agent alluded to the price when he asked for offers in the higher two million dollar range.

What ensued was a rapid bidding war, but the dollar amounts didn’t swell up like they did with houses four and five.

“Our agent s*** the bed with our game plan […] of what we went forward with,” Kristy told Yahoo Lifestyle. “He pretty much said what our reserve price was to everyone at the auction, which not only crawled mine but also crawled the other two houses. He didn’t have to say what the reserves were.”

Brett and Kristy on The Block
The Block. Nine.

Leah and Ash and Lesley and Kyle had the same reserve, and the hint at Kristy and Brett’s price was indicative of the other two’s.

Kristy and Brett were openly disappointed about the sale during the episode but told the publication it was because they were frustrated with their agent.

“We came on for an experience, we came in with a game plan and a strategy,” she continued. “We are not mad for the $65,000 price, we know that is a lot of money. We are mad at the way that auction played out.”

Kristy and Brett’s agent defended himself

Kristy and Brett called out Sam during the auction, and Scotty Cam agreed that his reference to the reserve price wasn’t a clever move.

The Block. Nine.

However, Sam told The Age that there were Consumer Affairs Victoria inspectors present at the auction, and said they told him during the break that “once proceedings resumed, he should reiterate that the home was on the market.”

Sam explained to Yahoo Lifestyle that the department’s presence affected his decision.

“You can say ‘I am not ready to answer that.’ However, with Consumer Affairs in the room it is difficult,” he said.

“It is hard not to tell the honest truth and not say that it is on the market.”

“I had come up with a different strategy with the contestants Kristy and Brett, but I was overruled by producers and I can see that House 3 is visibly upset.”

Sam hinted that Kristy and Brett’s actions on the show affected their sale price

While Sam told the publication that while the people bidding on the houses were unlikely to be influenced by the contestant’s portrayal on The Block, there’s a chance it could have an effect.

“Who knows what the narratives are… the public who follow the show aren’t the people who buy the houses,” Sam said.

“Perhaps if the contestants were more popular, then it might have helped the auctioneers a little bit more.”

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