Kristy and Brett

Meet The Block 2023’s Kristy and Brett, who could be the show’s spiciest couple ever

Brett has a hidden talent that will help their renovations

Blockheads Kristy and Brett have been together for a decade and married for three years.

These two are some of the spiciest contestants the show has ever seen, and they won’t be shying away from the drama on The Block this season.

With their unfiltered opinions and penchant for stirring things up, Kristy and Brett will almost definitely make waves on Charming Street. IRL, they’re known for their structured lifestyles, so they’re looking forward to embracing the unpredictable nature of The Block.

“It’s the unknown that is exciting for us,” shared Kristy. “In our roles back in Adelaide we have done it for so long, and you don’t get out of your comfort zone. But with this, there is such an unknown and we are looking forward to that.”

Experience-wise, the couple already owns a house in Adelaide and have tackled a bathroom renovation together before. Professionally, they thrive in the power and energy industry and expect to bring their expert planning skills to The Block.

Kristy is a Project Manage and proudly admits to being highly competitive, a trait that’s driven her career success and will shine through on the show. Her vision for their house is a beautiful blend of Victorian charm and modern sophistication, and she won’t be standing on the sidelines during the renovation.

“I’m all for getting my hands dirty,” she said while expressing that she’s not afraid to express her opinion. “If I see something that is wrong or someone is being unfair, I will be the first person to speak up.”

Meanwhile, Brett, is a safety advisor at a power substation but has a hidden talent as a tiler – one he plans to keep under wraps on the show.

“I’m a former tiler, but I don’t want to tell people that,” he said. “I want to keep it a surprise.”

Outside of work, Brett has a passion for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, adding an unexpected layer to this couple’s dynamic. Although they may argue from time to time, Kristy and Brett always find a way to patch things up with laughter.

Romantically, their story began in high school, but it wasn’t until their twenties that they found their way back to each other, thanks to mutual friends. Together, they will bring the fire to The Block.

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