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Angelina Thomson dishes on the “explosive” Home and Away episode and what we can expect

"It’s going to shake up the Bay!"

Get ready to take cover! The drama with Stunning Organics is far from over on Home and Away with an explosion set to go off during the June 6 episode of Australia’s favourite soap opera, and Angelina Thomson’s Kirby is right in the thick of it.

While icon Marilyn (Emily Symons) may have started it with her feud against that fictitious brand, it’s Kirby who receives the package and begins playing hot potato with the explosive all through Summer Bay!

“It’s going to be a huge episode,” Thomson told Chattr prior to the release of the instalment. “As the episode goes on and as the story develops, the bomb gets exchanged amongst many hands.”

The bomb will then make its way through homes, the infamous Morgan House and even the Surf Club — you know the one — one of the most recognisable hotspots in the whole series.

“There are so many people that could be involved in this explosive episode,” she said. “It’s going to shake up the Bay!”

And while we don’t yet know who, the promos for the episode suggest someone “won’t come home”!

Angelina Thomson. Seven

What will the ramifications be for Summer Bay?

If you thought touching our beloved Surf Club was already dramatic enough, the ramifications of the explosion will be even worse.

“There is definitely a lot of trauma that comes from this whole experience of Stunning Organics and it’s not the end of the line for the company either with this big explosion. It’s the bottom of one mountain and then the beginning of another one,” Thomson admitted.

Home and Away explosion. Seven

But there is a bright side for the 26-year-old actor and that was working alongside Symons every day.

“It’s actually been such a gift to be able to work with Emily,” she said. “Being able to do this storyline and get to know and hang out with Emily so much more has been such a treat.”

Thomson could also say the same for her other co-stars.

“Sometimes it gets super intense but it’s always good because you have people around you that are very supportive and on your side. It does feel like a team, that’s for sure.”

Angelina Thomson says it’s an “honour” to represent her culture on-screen

A proud Cook Island Australian, Thomson feels fortunate to be able to represent the Polynesian Islands on national television.

“Being able to represent my culture when I didn’t get to see that growing up feels like it was exciting, but also heartbreaking,” she admitted. “It’s an honour to be able to represent my culture — and not just from the Cook Islands, all of Polynesia, anyone who is a person of colour, to be able to see themselves represented is something that I didn’t get to see often growing up.

“That is, something I hold in high regard, that I find is a privilege and it is so important, and it’s always my motivation, to be that for other people.”

Angelina Thomson. Seven

As for getting a role in the long-running drama? She always knew she would.

“I remember being like, ‘I could do that’,” the actor, who has been playing Kirby for the past year revealed. “Even when I got older, I remember really feeling I was like, one day ‘I’m going to be on that show’.

“I didn’t know in what capacity it was going to look like…but I’m going to be on Home and Away whether anyone likes it or not.”

Home and Away’s explosive episode airs at 7.00 pm on June 6 on 7 and 7Plus.

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