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Icon Jamie Hyneman is back on his Mythbusting tools as Mythbusters celebrates 20th anniversary

Nostalgia alert! Let's get ready to blow s**t up!

Mythbusters was possibly one of the most iconic TV shows of the early 2000s and now, 20 years after its original premiere, Jamie Hyneman is back.

In case you need a refresher on what this epic series was all about, Jamie — alongside Adam Savage and their team — set out to debunk rumours, urban legends and popular myths using science. For those who would watch it after school or on weekends, it was a TV show filled with explosions, crash dummies, throwing things off great heights and a team of legends who literally just made s**t fun!

Even though he owns M5 Industries (where Mythbusters was set), it turns out that Jamie had zero training when it came to special effects!

Jamie Hyneman, Mythbusters x SEEK

“(I started out) cleaning, and organising a (special effects) shop and acquiring skills by that,” the now 67-year-old told Chattr. “Because if you learn how to take care of a shop and learn the tools, and then you also learn how to use them…I didn’t even know I had an aptitude before!”

Jamie then ended up carrying through what he learned at the shop to something that “was not exactly special effects” but a “transcendent variation on effects on a fictional program to reality and science”! Talk about serendipity!

Jamie Hyneman’s partnership with SEEK

Now, Jamie has teamed up with SEEK, who have put him back on his myth-busting tools — and brought him to Australia for the first time in 10 years — to release some hectic content to get to the bottom of common job-hunting misconceptions.

The two-part online content series is titled Busting Myths: The SEEKRET to Finding Better Job Matches.

Alex Apollonov, SEEK

“In my own career, I’ve seen first-hand that there is no shortcut to success or abstract way of getting where you want to go,” he said about the campaign as a whole. “Whether it’s been as a TV host, a special effects expert or an inventor, the value of applying yourself to the task at hand and using the right tools to get there has always rung true.

“Working with real, tangible things helps people internalise what they may be thinking to find the right path for them.”

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