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Betting odds hint the Survivor Australia 2024 winner has leaked and strategic play is IN

No shockers about who's in last place

If you’re wondering who will Outwit, Outplay and Outlast on Survivor Australia 2024, then you’re in luck, because the winner may have just leaked.

Betting odds indicate that one of the most strategic castaways thus far will take home the title of Sole Survivor and the $500,000 prize money.

Former diplomat Mark Warnock has the best return of just $1.91 to win this year’s Survivor Australia.

One more strategic player is following closely behind Mark; Feras Basal has a return of $2.40.

In last place – which is probably surprising to absolutely no one – sits Kelli Harris with a return of $67 for every one dollar bet on her.

When a contestant has winning betting odds, it means that people bet the most money that that person will win.

Survivor. Ten.

What do betting odds mean?

Betting odds are based on dollar value. If someone bets $1, they’d receive back the amount the team was listed at. For example, if someone bets $1 on Kelli and she wins, they’d receive a $67.00 return. This corresponds with the amount deposited, so $10 would turn into $670, $100 would turn into $6700, and so on.

In other words, if you bet on Kelli and she (somehow) wound up winning you’d make some serious coin!

Betting odds for each of the Survivor 2024 contestants

At the time of writing, these are the Sportsbet betting odds.

  • Mark Warnock 1.91
  • Feras Basal 2.40
  • Kirby Bentley 8.50
  • Caroline Courtis 10.00
  • Alex Coe 11.00
  • Sarah Moore 13.00
  • Viola Jokudu 13.00
  • Charles Noonan 17.00
  • Valeria Sizova 17.00
  • Eden Porter 19.00
  • Winna Bhun 21.00
  • Rianna Bowley 23.00
  • Aileen Chong 26.00
  • Garrick Wildman 26.00
  • Raymond Chaney 31.00
  • Nathan Freeman 34.00
  • Jaden Laing 51.00
  • Scott Butler 51.00
  • Kelli Harris 67.00
Mark on Survivor. Ten.

Do betting odds correctly guess the winner?

Not always, however, betting odds can often be a good indicator of who will win a show.

Most recently, betting odds suggested that Steph and Gian would win The Block 2023, which they well and truly did, with a profit of $1.65 million, plus $100,000 in prize money.

Similarly, Liz Parnov had the best odds to win Survivor Australia 2024 and he was, in fact, crowned the winner.

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