Captain Lee v Captain Kerry

Interview: Captain Lee vs Captain Kerry! Below Deck’s Ben reveals who has more rules

"I think he has his own opinions based on your performance"

Captain Kerry Titheradge is sailing into the spotlight on Below Deck, taking the helm from beloved Captain Lee Rosbach on the St David.

According to Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby, “it’s good to have a fresh presence” on the super yacht.

Speaking on Mediaweek and Chattr’s The Entertainment Hotline Podcast  ahead of the February 6 launch on Hayu, Ben admitted that given he’s worked with three Captains (Lee, Kerry and Sandy Yawn) now, saying he “knows the boar better than most of them”.

“It’s good to see another Aussie on board,” he said. “I was kind of flying the flag solo last season so it’s good to have another one to work with. It helped with the group because a lot of them don’t understand the [Aussie] slang. So, I was kind of the translator a bit there.”

Ben Willoughby and Captain Kerry, Below Deck. Hayu

When speaking about Captain Kerry, Ben called him “professional”.

“He’s very professional in what he does,” he said. “He’s got a few more rules than Captain Lee I think because Lee knows that everyone goes out and has a good time and so does Sandy, but you’ve got to be able to back yourself up the next day. Whereas Kerry’s a bit more detail-orientated.

In addition to this, the Season 11 deckie said that the new Captain “watches you a little bit more closely”.

“I think he has his own opinions based on your performance and how you react in situations,” he said. “So he’s got a few new rules.”

Before the season even began, we saw Chief Stew Fraser Oleander kissing a charter guest — which, obviously, is not acceptable.

Below Deck’s Fraser Oleander and a charter guest. Hayu/Bravo

“Obviously the one that you see is Fraser kissing one of the charter guests and that’s obviously a big no-no for Captain Kerry,” Ben said. “Not saying that it would be a yes for Lee or Sandy. All the Captains would have been a no with that!”

Below Deck Season 11 launches Tuesday, February 6 on Hayu, with new episodes every Tuesday, the same day as the USA. 

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