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Interview: The Love Triangle producers reveal just how real the series actually is

So, do the producers create the drama?

Stan Original Series Love Triangle is back for a second season in 2023 and if you’re wondering how real the show actually is, we know the answer — and straight from the producer’s mouths!

Speaking to Chattr ahead of the October 5 premiere, executive producers Tara McWilliams and John Walsh (ya know, the team behind Married at First Sight) admitted that they don’t create the drama, the drama comes to them!

“Contrary to popular belief we’re not in the business of going, ‘Oh, this needs to happen’,” McWilliams said. “No, we’re not driving the car, we’re not steering it in any particular direction.”

“We’re watching, we’re observing and we’re actually pouncing on anything that could be a storyline, but it comes from there and so we’re at the mercy of the cast.”

Tamera. Love Triangle 2023. Stan

Adding to this, Walsh admitted that there’s a huge twist, but then “something” happened within the “twist” that wasn’t accounted for.

“There’s a twist that was planned and then there’s a bombshell within the twist that we hadn’t anticipated,” he said before McWilliams joked: “You basically have to watch with a calculator!”

“In the first series, the twist was that the second the rejected person comes in and forms a triangle,” she said. “Obviously, that’s no longer a surprise to them coming into this series, so we’ve brought in a new twist, something that would challenge them even further. 

“It’s not a twist. It’s like a twist. It’s something that we felt organically that fits really well. It’s an extension of what we’ve already done and it really had very quite controversial results.”

Sam and Nellie. Love Triangle 2023. Stan
Sam and Nellie. Love Triangle 2023. Stan

The Love Triangle 2023 cast had a shake-up

Speaking of the cast, McWilliams said “you have to cast it really bloody well to ensure that you are going to get interesting content.”

“We found that some of last year’s] cast was maybe a little bit introverted,” she said, “And so many other couples had to do more of the heavy lifting, whereas this year, we needed people that were going to be straight up from the very beginning. They were going to embrace it and going to wear their heart on their sleeve, be themselves and be authentic. We see that from day one.

“They may have some regrets about that but it’s great because that is what modern dating is about.”

Stan Original Series launches on Thursday, October 5 on Stan.