Taeler and Elle on Dream Home

“Really challenging”: Dream Home’s Taeler and Elle reveal their major disadvantage

"We did have to treat it a bit differently"

Dream Home’s Elle and Taeler haven’t been scared to manipulate situations to improve their chances of winning at each week’s judging ceremony.

A case in point is when they decided to use communal money to buy artwork for the stairwell that complimented their own room.

However, during an interview with Chattr, the Victorian sisters share the reasoning behind their tactics.

The concept on the show involves contestants renovating their fellow castmates’ houses, which means each team gets to walk away with a beautiful new house, regardless of whether they win the final $100,000 cash prize.

But, there are two teams among the bunch that aren’t couples; Taeler and Elle and Rhys and Liam. Both Taeler and Rhys entered the competition to help their siblings renovate their houses.

Taeler and Elle on Dream Home. Seven.

“We’re in a completely different circumstance from everyone else,” Elle explained. “Everyone else was husband and wife and either way, they’re walking away with their house done and potentially a life-changing prize. So they’ve got a different dynamic.

“I think because of that Tae and I had to approach things differently, and I think that that will play out how it plays out. But, Tae is walking away with giving me something but having nothing in return. That meant that we did have to treat it a bit differently.”

Taeler and Elle believe Rhys and Liam had an advantage

Taeler and Elle are in a similar situation to Rhy and Liam, being that only one member from each team gets to walk away with a renovated house.

Despite Taeler being an architect, the sisters believed that Rhys and Liam had an advantage over them because of their Tradie careers. Rhys is a tiler and Liam is a carpenter.

“At the end of the day, we took on the role of if you had trade experience that will help you because you could help the tradies out on the day-to-day. We couldn’t do that,” Taeler explained.

Rhys and Liam on Dream Home. Seven.

“And then secondary to that is, I guess, an interior background, which I don’t have. The houses obviously had building permits and things like that before going into it. So my work was essentially done as a professional.”

Taeler stressed that they had no upper hand over any of the other teams, and said that they were pushed to their limits during the competition.

“We had to try as hard as everyone else and I found it really challenging to basically learn how to style because I’ve never had to do it before,” she said.

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