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“Such a cool vibe”: Below Deck’s Captain Sandy reveals the surprising career path she almost took

We didn't see that one coming!

Sandy Yawn is best known for being the only Below Deck female captain, however, the renowned yachting pro almost took another career path.

During an interview with Chattr, Sandy revealed that she dreamt of owning her own hairdressing business when she was younger.

“I wanted to own a hair salon because it has a cool vibe!” She shared.

“But not necessarily to do the hair, but to own the salon, and just walk around and get to know the people, because every time you go to the hair salon, I love all the stories. It’s such a cool vibe!”

Captain Sandy filming Below Deck. Instagram.

Sandy reveals how she handles the crew’s drama on Below Deck

It wouldn’t be a season of Below Deck if there wasn’t drama involved, and season nine certainly hasn’t scrimped in that department.

Between the saga between Bri Muller and Elene ‘Ellie’ Dubiach and their competitiveness over Joe Bradley, things can get hectic in the crew quarters.

Sandy tells Chattr that while she doesn’t see everything that goes on between her staff members when she’s aware there’s an issue going on, she always tries to get to the root of the problem.

“I don’t really see [the drama], so I don’t know it, but if I knew it, I would address it in a way where I could motivate them to stay focused on their job,” she explained.

Captain Sandy with the Below Deck season six cast. Hayu.

“There’s drama everywhere you go, and in every profession. There’s always one that stirs it up. I think I would eliminate the one [causing the drama], however, I [also] believe in people.”

However, she added that she doesn’t like to meddle too much, and often leaves the crew to figure out their dramas on their own.

“I can feel the energy, but I like people to work things out on their own, otherwise, I feel like a parent. How are you going to grow if you don’t figure it out? So I just don’t get involved until I have to.

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