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Is MasterChef Australia on this Thursday?

The schedule has had a change up

If you’re a MasterChef fan, you might have noticed a glaring hole in the TV schedule where the show normally sits on Monday, June 3rd, however, that gap has made room for an extra episode on Thursday, June 6th.

There was no MC episode in the Monday spot because Channel 10 broadcasted the Matildas v China AFC Women’s Asian Cup at that time instead.

However, we won’t be missing out on a MasterChef episode this week, as there will be one coming out on Thursday.

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MasterChef Australia. Ten.

When is MasterChef on next week?

So, MasterChef Australia episodes will premiere this week on Channel 10 on the following days.

  • Sunday, June 2 at 7pm.
  • Tuesday, June 4 at 7:30pm.
  • Wednesday, June 5 at 7:30pm
  • Thursday, June 6 at 7:30pm

Who’s left MasterChef 2024 so far?

We’re a month into MasterChef Australia, and already quite a few fan favourites have left. This season has seen James, Steph, Jonathan, Khristian, Lily, Lourdes, Juan, Snezana, Stephen and David be eliminated so far.

MasterChef Australia. Ten.

Who’s tipped to win MasterChef 2024?

MasterChef Australia is in its sixteenth season and while there are a number of contestants bringing the heat, betting odds indicate that the winner has already leaked.

There’s one front clear runner and her name may not come as too much of a surprise to viewers.

Nat Thaipun, who won the Immunity Pin in the first challenge of the season, is tipped to take out the entire competition.

At the time of writing, Nat has odds of $1.50, the lowest return of any contestants, meaning that the most amount of money has been bet on her to win.

Technically, betting odds cannot be tied to information about the show, however, in the past they’ve given a good indication of who will win.

Watch MasterChef Australia from Sunday – Wednesday on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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