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A man accused of stalking Sophie Monk alleges he was scammed by a catfish and the story is wild

“I had five cop cars around me."

A man who thought he was in a relationship with Sophie Monk, has claimed he was duped by an online catfish, after turning up to her house with a single rose.

After four months of chatting over Instagram with who he thought was the Love Island host, Brian Rapley, 49, was handed a restraining order by police, after appearing outside of her Central Coast home.

“I feel like such an idiot,” Rapley told The Daily Telegraph. “But I thought we were in a relationship.”

According to Rapley, he had made a comment on her Instagram account and the “next thing I get a message from another account but with the same profile pic as Sophie, saying ‘Hey it’s Sophie … let’s chat here, my manager reads my official account, so this is better’.”

Further to this, the father-of-two was scammed out of $7000 and said that the person who he was chatting to gave him Monk’s “exact address”.


The police were called on Rapley

“I’ve got the messages where she asks me to come to her house,” he told the outlet. “I thought I was going there to meet her.”

After arriving at the home at 7.30am, Monk’s neighbours called the police and Rapley was taken to Gosford Police Station, where he was questioned “like I was some crazed stalker”.

According to the man, he had “five cops” around him, and got told to “Get out with your hands up”.

“They said to me ‘What are you here to do to Sophie Monk,’ and I said ‘I’m here to meet her for the first time, we are in a relationship’.”

Monk, who is currently filming a movie with Vanilla Ice in Queensland, told police in a statement: “I do not know any person by the name of Brian Rapley. I am not in a relationship with anyone by the name of Brian Rapley. I am currently happily married to my husband Joshua Gross”.

Sophie Monk and Vanilla Ice. Instagram.

Even though Rapley was served with an AVO, he was not charged with any offences.


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