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“Fight fire with fire”: Michael explains his savage snap at Sara at the MAFS Couples Retreat

“She’s obviously involved in a lot of drama and a lot of mess"

Michael Felix and Stephen Stewart very nearly didn’t make it to the Married at First Sight Couples Retreat after a big blowout, but it was Sara Mesa who got the wrath of Michael’s anger in Byron Bay.

Prior to the retreat, Michael and Stephen had a massive fight after Stephen flirted with a hairdresser, and secretly exchanged numbers with him.

When Michael confronted him about the betrayal, Stephen said that he felt more of a spark with the hairdresser, than he had the whole time with his MAFS husband.

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It looked as though the grooms were donezo, and would be leaving the experiment. But, they popped up at the Couples Retreat with Micahel revealing to him that Stephen begged him to give their relationship another go.

When the group was discussing the men’s fight, Sara tried to put her two cents in and Michael promptly shut her down.

Why did Michael snap at Sara?

Although it was Stephen who wronged Michael, Sara got snapped at when she tried to share her opinion on the situation.

In an interview with HIT’s Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast, Michael explained that he was frustrated with Sara because she consistently put herself in the middle of things.

“She’s obviously involved in a lot of drama and a lot of mess,” he said. “That was a chance for me to hear from my friends and other people that I do like and that support me in that session.

“But, she sat right next to me and It just triggered me and I was like, ‘I’m done with this, you never give anybody else an opportunity to speak, get away from me.'”

Eden and Sara on MAFS
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“I will always fight fire with fire if I need to.”

Michael added that there were a handful of cast members who seemed to be chasing screen time.

“There’s a lot of people on the show only there for drama and there’s people that are truly genuine there.”

Listen to the interview:

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