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Interview: Survivor Australia’s Tobias reveals what romance REALLY went down in the Cuddle Club

"There was boy on girl, girl on girl"

On the premiere episode of Survivor Australia: Titans v Rebels, two couples were presented to viewers in the Cuddle Club; Tobias and Sarah and Peta and Alex.

At the time, Rebel contestant Feras explained to the camera that both sets of players spent the night wrapped around one another. While he called Tobias and Sarah an “innocent sandwich”, he said Peta and Alex’s night wasn’t quite as innocent.

Now that two of the four members of the Cuddle Club alliance have been voted off the show, we can finally find out what actually went down.

During a post-elimination interview with Chattr, Tobias said that he “didn’t even hear” the Cuddle Club name until he watched the show.

The Cuddle Club at night. Survivor. Ten.

What happened with Sarah and Tobias?

Tobias denied being romantically involved with Sarah and said that they were “just buddies”.

“We clicked pretty quickly, we both surf and stuff, and we had a lot of common interests and whatnot. So we just got along well, but we weren’t a thing.

“At night, it’s cold, you’re wearing wet clothes, everyone was cuddling up,” he added. “They put a lot of emphasis on us. There was boy on girl, girl on girl, and everyone was cuddling up. They needed to, otherwise, you’re freezing and you can’t sleep at night.”

Tobias and The Cuddle Club
Tobias and The Cuddle Club.Survivor. Ten.

Tobias said that production tried to make their relationship look more romantic than it actually was.

“I think they just emphasized that relationship because they were calling us the Cuddle Club,” he said. “I think they hammed it up a little bit, but we’re just buddies, we’re friends now.”

What happened with Peta and Alex?

“The first sandwich is always quite an innocent sandwich … this sandwich wasn’t very innocent,” Feras said during the first episode, referring to Alex and Peta as the latter ‘sandwich’.

The comment likely landed Alex in a bit of hot water, considering he had a long-term girlfriend – who he’s still dating now – while the show was filmed.

However, Tobias claimed that nothing romantic happened between Peta and Alex, either.

“Nothing happened with anyone, I think it was hammed up a bit more to make our lives look like this, well not love triangle because there’s four of us, but this little four thing that was all lovey-dovey, when it wasn’t any more than keeping warm at night,” he said.

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