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“Pound town”: Australian Survivor winner Liz Parnov shares bizarre pregnancy announcement

Find out the inspiration behind it!

Australian Survivor winner Liz Parnov has announced her pregnancy with a very unconventional Instagram post.

She took to the platform and shared a photo of her pregnant belly, which her partner Daniel Bradshaw was holding while sucking on a dummy and wearing what looks to be great nappy-esque swimming briefs.

But, the post got even weirder thanks to her caption. “Just left pound town 👶🏼,” she wrote below the pic. As most know, pound town is slang for, well, having sex.

As Urban Dictionary puts it, “The act of sexual intercourse often containing quick, powerful thrust from the male. Taking someone to poundtown often results in extended periods of time where slapping and clapping noises can be heard.”

See for yourself:

The inspiration behind the photoshoot

Liz and Daniel took inspiration from the artwork for Drake’s audio show Table For One.

Drake. Table For One.

“I wanted to do something different, and one of my besties actually sent me the photo reference of the Drake album which is what we worked off,” she said on her Instagram story. “That was our inspo and then obviously Daniel being Daniel, he had to change the guy’s part into something a bit more outrageous and Daniel style.”

“It didn’t take long once we had the idea it was so easy then it was just finding the time to do it,” she added.

Liz Parnov. Instagram.

Liz Parnov’s Survivor friends celebrate the news

Liz’s former Survivor co-stars and friends took to the comment section to send their well wishes.

“WOOO!!! HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” Shonee Bowtell penned.

“Hahahaha this is siiiiick!!! Congrats gang 🙌,” Jordie Hansen wrote. Flick Palmateer commented: “YESSSS 😭❤️❤️‍🔥 congrats you two!”

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