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“Feel bad for Kristy and Leah”: Kyle defends the “disappointing” edit of The Block 2023 villains

"You've got to leave some things on the cutting room floor"

Husband and wife couple Lesley and Kyle have defended the actions of their co-stars Kristy and Leah, saying that they just got a bad edit on The Block 2023.

Although both Lesley and Kyle had huge falling outs with both Leah and her husband Ash, and Kristy and her husband Brett on the show, Kyle stood up for the women saying their edit was “disappointing”.

“Upon reflection, I do feel bad for Kristy and Leah because we spent so much time with them that we really got an opportunity to see their whole personality and who they are, and they themselves really balanced themselves out,” Kyle told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

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Kyle did acknowledge that Leah had moments where she was “off the charts” during the show, but stressed that she was someone he could have a “genuine D&M conversation” with.

“Getting to experience both sides of that, you sort of land somewhere in the middle. But as an audience, if you’re just watching the heightened Leah, then you’re not going to land in the middle,” he explained.

“Either you’re going to love her because you think she’s hilarious or you’re not because you think it’s too much.

“It’s disappointing that you don’t get an opportunity to see everyone from their full spectrum of personality, but you can’t put that into a 40-minute episode so I get that.

“There’s just so much that happens in a week and to then condense that down to four days and still continue the most interesting storyline of that week, you’ve got to leave some things on the cutting room floor.”

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Lesley and Kyle think their portrayal was accurate

Since selling their house at The Block 2023 auction, Kyle and Lesley have had a chance to watch the entire show back. He told the publication that he believes the way he and his wife come across on the show was pretty spot on.

“We’re not overly confrontational, but we’ll still give an opinion when asked,” he said.

“Now that I’ve watched it back, I think we were on the show to balance out some of those other bigger personalities and that was sort of our role and we just played to our role almost naturally. Obviously, there were relationships that we formed with a lot of people that didn’t necessarily get shown a lot and a lot of things that we did that weren’t shown.”

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