Brea and Mckenna on The Bachelors 2023
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The Bachelors 2023: Get your stalk on! Here’s where to find the entire cast on Instagram

They look a bit different without their ball gowns!

The Bachelors 2023 has a bevvy of new babes looking for their forever after – as well as (probably) blue ticks on Instagram.

Unsurprisingly, this season has a fair few models and micro-influencers, but who will Bachelors Wesley Senna CortesBen Waddell and Luke Bateman give their final rose to?

If you’re looking to find out a bit more about each of the ladies gunning for the three men, you’re in luck. We’ve popped together every contestant’s Instagram account below.

Ben Waddell, 36, VIC

Wesley Senna Cortes, 33, QLD

Luke Bateman, 28, QLD

Aarthi, 29, NSW

Handle: @Aarthiblabla

Amelia, 25, NSW

Handle: @ameliaeasey

Anastasia, 32, VIC

Handle: @anastasiailiopoulos

Angela, 36, VIC

Handle: @angelavalenti_

Angie, 33, VIC

Handle: @angie_glavas

Brea, 25, QLD

Handle: @breamarshall

Caitlin, 25, VIC

Handle: @itscaitlinallan

Carla, 23, NSW

Handle: @carlandimatteo

Chrystal, 25, VIC

Handle: @chrystalmao_

Dana, 25, NSW

Handle: @danamelnikk

Ellie, 29, WA

Handle: @oceanellie_

Evangeline (Evie), 29, SA

Handle: @instaevieee

Holly, 27, NSW

Handle: @hollytrim_

Jade, 27, QLD

Handle: @jadeadelia

Kristen, 32, QLD

Handle: @kristen_sorrenson

Lana, 36, NSW

Handle: @lanachegodaev

Lisa, 23, NSW

Handle: @lisa.brehmer

Maddison, 24, VIC

Handle: @maddisonlieberwirth

Mckenna, 25, QLD

Handle: @mackylea

Mel, 35, NT

Handle: @melreetv

Natalie, 27, VIC

Handle: @natbenson

Nella, 33, NSW

Handle: @yogirlnella

Tabitha, 27, QLD

Handle: @tabithavonsanden

Yasemin, 32, VIC

Handle: @yaseminislek_

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