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We can officially confirm when the MasterChef Australia 2024 finale will air

The end is nigh

MasterChef Australia 2024 has been a j-o-u-r-n-e-y, and now that we’re finally at the tail end of the season, we can confirm when the finale will air.

Throughout the season we’ve had impressive celebrity appearances, like Jamie Oliver and Curtis Stone, as well as some seriously drool-worthy dishes.

While this season’s been nothing short of spectacular, like all good things, it must come to an end.

Will Nat be in the MasterChef Australia finale

When is the MasterChef Australia 2024 finale on?

With just five contestants remaining, next week will see the competition enter Finals Week.

As per usual, the remaining Home Cooks will be whittled down until just three two are left to battle it out in the season’s final episode.

Channel 10 has confirmed to Chattr that this season’s MasterChef Australia finale will air on Tuesday, 16 July.

Who’s still in the competition?

At the time of writing, five contestants are still in the running for the MasterChef Australia 2024 finale.

Nat, Mimi, Josh ‘Pezza’ Perry, Harry and Sav will all take part in Finals Week in the hope of taking out the competition.

Harry on MasterChef

What is the MasterChef Australia 2024 prize?

The last standing contestant will, of course, receive bragging rights, as well as a whopping $250,000 cash prize. They’ll also (probably) gain a blue tick on Instagram. Winning!

What will happen during the MasterChef Australia Finals Week?

The episode that airs on Sunday July 7, will see one of the remaining five contestants eliminated. They will face off with some of the world’s most extreme ingredients and must select one ingredient to tame.

On Monday, the top four will tackle their final mystery box of the season. Under each mystery box is a golden ticket, and the winner of the challenge will be the first home cook to secure their place in the MasterChef Australia semi-final.

In the final challenge of the week on Tuesday, fish king Josh Niland will set a three-hour pressure test that will push everyone to their limits. Which seafood aficionado Harry will probably be excited about (if he makes it past Sunday’s elim ep).

The MasterChef Australia 2024 Finale will air on Tuesday, 16 July on Channel 10 and 10Play at 7:30pm.

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