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“Fast forward through the bullsh**t”: MasterChef fans slam emotional family episode on Twitter

"No salt at the benches today, only tears for seasoning"

As the MasterChef Australia narrator told viewers, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house during Wednesday night’s Family Food Heroes episode. However, Twitter users weren’t as overcome by emotion as the contestants and judges were.

The episode involved each contestant – as well as some of the judges – speaking about the person in their life that inspires them the most when it comes to cooking.

Andy Allen mentioned late MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo while Harry, Mimi and Josh named their grandmas. Both Nat and Sav paid tribute to their mothers, the latter of who had recently passed away.

The segment led to tears from almost every single person in the room. However, MasterChef fans over on Twitter didn’t take kindly to the emotional episode.

Check out some of the most savage Twitter reactions below.

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