They've heard of fishing, right?

Million Dollar Island recap episode 8: 13 thoughts I had while Log Camp tried to win… crabs

They have heard of fishing... right?

It’s Million Dollar Island Australia 2023 episode eight, and Log Camp still hasn’t stopped whinging about their lack of food despite having an entire ocean full of fish directly in front of them.

This week, Chelsea is in charge of the wheel spin. Her Log Camp nominees are clearly very hungry, and battle it out to win some crabs. Yep, the same type of crabs that are casually swimming in front of their camp at all hours of the day.

Here are 12 thoughts I had during episode eight of Million Dollar Island Australia.

1. We’re three minutes in and *surprise, surprise* Log Camp is already complaining about food…. again.

2. YESSS. Chelsea is in charge of picking this week’s tributes, and she’s already made it clear that she’s nominating herself. Give us some action!

3. Ant Middleton tells Chelsea that “every player who has nominated themselves has left the island” and… Now I’m not so sure if her self-nomination was the best idea.

Chelsea. Million Dollar Island.

Elimination Challenge

4. I’m so here for Jack tormenting Log Camp about the delicious meal they had the previous night.

5. Aren’t we at a challenge? Why on earth is Kylie delivering a tearful Ted Talk about the lack of food her camp has. She… has heard of fishing, right?

6. Is it just me or is Jordan trying very hard not to roll his eyes at Kylie. I feel you, boy.

Jordan. Million Dollar Island.

7. Um, what? Kylie called Log Camp – who is her opposition – bullies for not giving them some of the food they’ve saved/caught/earned. O…kay.

Kylie. Million Dollar Island.

8. Phew, the challenge is finally here and Jordan thinks “der” is a word. Hilarious.

9. Chelsea wins the challenge and officially beats the Self-Nom curse. Yay, I guess.

Survival Challenge

10. The winner is not only safe from elimination but also gets to take home 3kgs of crabs and I’m pretty sure that’s all the inspiration Log Camp needs.

Crabs. Million Dollar Island.

11. Jordan – who’s from Log Camp – wins the challenge and there’s a 99% chance Kylie is going to combust with excitement about some fresh crab meat.

The Elimination

12. Kylie tells Ant that Jordan’s win was delicious. TBH I’m a little disappointed he didn’t keep all the crabs for himself. Just imagine the drama.

13. Jack’s devo that his lil bestie Tony is going home, but not devo enough to give him his wristband. Cya Tony!

Jack. Million Dollar Island.

Million Dollar Island Australia continues on July 4 at 7.30pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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